Hello New Mama,

You’ve got your sweet newborn and I’ve got your life-changing lifeline right here, right now.


Motherhood. Parenthood.

No one said it was going to be easy but they didn’t quite detail this …

… the wonder and worry about milestones
… the questions that seem so minor (almost silly) but keep us tossing at night
… the feeling that we aren’t the mom we imagined we’d be
… the challenges that seep into marriage, family, friendships, and other relationships, including the one with our new baby.

… and at the very center of it all? A magical little being (or 2 or 3!) that made us a M.O.M.

There’s nothing quite like it and yet nothing seems to come close to preparing us. So little time. So little sleep. So many questions. And so darn much to do! And all we ever really want is to be there for our babies. To do our best. To be our best.

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"To say that I’m thankful every day for what The New Mom School has brought to my own journey through motherhood is no exaggeration. They offered me information and resources galore from an experienced mama and countless speakers. "

Bri R.

I’m Alexandra Spitz, Mom of Two, Certified Parent Educator, Newborn Specialist, Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, and Founder of The New Mom School. And I have just what you need.

After teaching thousands of new moms, I know that expert education and support make a world of difference. I was there. Where you are now. Twice. And I’ve created a resource new moms like you are calling a “saving grace,” “life-changing,” and “the greatest decision ever!”

The New Mom School Online is a comprehensive program made up of video modules filled with expert education, answers, and guidance to help you worry less, SLEEP MORE, and experience more joy that comes along with this transitional, magical time in your life!

{Program ideal for moms with newborns through one year.}

As a brand-new mom, the days can seem long and lonely and, let’s face it, a bit overwhelming. That’s why The New Mom School Online comes right into your home with interactive videos so you can access the resources, answers, and support you need anytime, anywhere … even in the middle of those sleepless nights.

It’s often said if only babies came with a manual. Consider this your manual, complete with video modules with experts, PDFs, and tips in the areas new moms need most:

• Attachment and Bonding
• Sleep
• Post-Baby Body
• Tummy Time and Other Newborn Physical Development
• Working vs. Staying Home
• Breastfeeding
• Post-Baby Relationship Changes
• Postpartum Mental Health

• Q&A with Pediatrician
• Q&A with OB/GYN


"With my first baby, I remember being so alone and lost and not knowing what to expect. When I had my second baby, I was sure I would hate the newborn stage. But after finding The New Mom School, now I love the newborn stage! The relief that I wasn’t alone in my struggles and in a safe judgment-free place is a breath of fresh air from the outside mom-world where I often feel guilty and judged. I never wanted the classes to end! "

Rebekah Z.

Join Thousands of New Moms

When you enroll in The New Mom School Online, you join thousands of other new moms who have walked in your shoes. With immediate access to 8 comprehensive video modules + 2 BONUS video modules, including conversational expert interviews where you’ll get answers to your questions and learn how to better navigate this new journey.

Sleep deprivation, hormonal changes, anxiety, mental health challenges, and day-to-day baby/mom issues are all covered here in a supportive, non-judgmental, educational package for you to access over and over again, any time you need it.

Join today and gain the education, information, and support you need to confidently become the mom you always dreamed you’d be.



Full Payment of $197 or 2 monthly payments of $105


Dive right in and get all your questions answered in these 8 video modules + 2 BONUS video modules:

Attachment & Bonding

Attachment Theory has decades of research-backed information proving that the bond you establish with your baby in the first 6 months of life affects your child for the rest of his/her life. Therapist and Postpartum Specialist Laura Navarro-Pickens, LCSW joins me for a lesson on how to strengthen the bond with your baby to help pave the way for a lifetime of success!


This one is worth its weight in gold (or shut-eye!) Let’s get you AND your baby sleeping more when I’m joined by Maternity and Child Sleep Specialist Joanna Martindale of Baby Sleep Concierge.

Post-Baby Body

Are you surprised by postpartum bleeding and peeing your pants? I was! Has postpartum sex been painful? Do you also have pain in your neck and lower back? Do your wrists hurt? You may have heard that these symptoms are common, but … NEWS FLASH! They may be common, but they are not normal and can be treated easily. Women’s Health Physical Therapist, Dr. Whitney Sippl of Restored Physique joins me to dispel the myths and educate on all things pelvic floor and post-baby body! There’s so much in this one that you could have never predicted.

Tummy Time and Other Newborn Physical Development

Pediatricians remind us to make sure there’s plenty of tummy time, yet no one mentions that many babies scream through it and it’s close to impossible to find time for it throughout the day. Pediatric Physical Therapist Dr. Katie Donnelly of PT for Baby to the rescue, sharing the WHY behind tummy time along with alternative positions babies love! We’ll also cover flat spots, tight necks, and how to prevent the need for correctional helmets.

Working vs. Staying Home

Just mention of this topic makes moms really anxious. You’re not alone. Join me for a frank discussion about the transition, how to manage anxiety, what to look for in a caretaker, hacks to pumping at work and more!


Latching on to cracked and bleeding nipples is not a Hallmark moment. Board-Certified Lactation Consultant Danielle Gauss joins me to address common breastfeeding challenges with demonstrations to help you feel better and get your baby nursing successfully and pain-free!

Post-Baby Relationship Changes

Fighting with your spouse about every little thing? Ongoing tension in your relationship? Wishing he’d help more and feeling more resentful each day? These feelings are more common than you might think. With the help of Relationship Expert Dr. Meredith Hansen, we’ll explore the research behind relationships when a baby is introduced along with simple steps you can take each day to get your relationship, not only back on track but, thriving.

Postpartum Mental Health

This can be a heavy topic and that’s why it’s so necessary! If you’re wondering if you just have the “baby blues” or something more serious, this segment will help you identify postpartum mental health concerns. I’m joined by Women’s Health Psychiatrist Dr. Sonya Rasminsky to discuss the signs, symptoms, and things you can do TODAY to start feeling better and experiencing more JOY.



Q&A with Pediatrician

More questions than you can get to during pediatric visits often leads to frequent calls to the doctor or worry and anxiety between appointments. Hear from Pediatrician Dr. Steven Abelowitz as he answers all of your questions about when to call the pediatrician, fevers, gas, reflux and more!

Q&A with OB/GYN

With so many unexpected things happening to our bodies after the birth, I’ve often found myself saying “I wish my OB had told me about that.” Well, my second OB/GYN Dr. Jeffrey Illeck did keep me in the know and now he joins me with topics that aren’t always covered with patients. Postpartum hormones, nutrition, supplements, and more!


"Becoming a new mommy was a very hard transition for me. I had really bad anxiety, felt depressed and alone, thinking I was the only one feeling this way. Attending The New Mom School was exactly what I needed, a positive warm welcoming environment, very validating and I learned countless tools that helped make this transition easier."

Marcie R.

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I'm confident our course will take you from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed and you will gain answers to all of your questions.


8 Comprehensive Video Modules + 2 BONUS Video Modules with Experts and Downloadable PDFs right at your fingertips.

Babies don’t come with a manual. So, I created one!

The New Mom School doors are open!

Enroll today and let’s help you be the joyful, confident mom YOU and your baby deserve!



Full Payment of $197 or 2 monthly payments of $105


More About Me

I’m Alexandra Spitz. I’m a mom of two, Certified Parent Educator, Newborn Specialist and Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. Since 2012, I’ve devoted my days to helping thousands of new moms in Orange County, CA during their transition into being a mom. Now I’m bringing The New Mom School Online to help new moms wherever they are in the world.

I wasn’t always a Newborn and Infant Educator and Specialist. After my first son was born in 2011, I felt insecure, clueless, and had no idea what had hit me. I thought I was so prepared and I was meant to be a mom. Turns out that wasn’t the case. At least not without education and support. After a local mommy and me class saved my life then a move 75 miles away, I found myself in a place where I could create a community resource that wasn't available in my new hometown. The creation of The New Mom School was a labor of love and my calling.

I have a big vision for the culture of motherhood. Whether you use disposable or cloth diapers, breastfeed or formula feed, co-sleep or work full time, moms are met with no judgment inside the doors at The New Mom School, in Orange County, California and online.

"As a first-time mom, I was really struggling in the early days and wasn’t really prepared for the emotional and physical part of being a mom. Luckily, I had the foresight to sign up for The New Mom School while I was still pregnant. I learned from Alex and her experts and found my own parenting styles by drawing from each of them. I truly feel that the dedicated class each week saved me in those early days. My life was definitely changed from my experience with The New Mom School!"

Cheryl F.

"After having my first baby boy, I was overwhelmed with so many emotions and feelings I never knew existed. I found The New Mom School, looked at the website and was truly moved by the words “Our classes are a judgment-free zone where the mommy wars are left at the door and moms support and empower one another regardless of their parenting style. Whether you use disposable or cloth diapers, breastfeed or formula feed, co-sleep or work full time, your class will become your lifeline.” Alex’s presence is unbelievable and moving. She was a breath of fresh air. I felt I was not alone and being a new mommy is tough, wonderful, and scary all at the same time. "

Molly H.

Giving Back

I believe that new families need to be supported in every way possible. Not only do we provide education and support for our class members, but we also give back by supporting Families Forward with the necessities that babies need to survive. A portion of each class enrollment will be donated to Families Forward to provide formula, diapers, wipes and baby food for families in need who are registered in their program.



Full Payment of $197 or 2 monthly payments of $105


All topics discussed in classes along with the resources and articles provided, are for informational purposes only.  They are not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical or psychological advice. You should always consult your healthcare provider and/or child’s pediatrician to determine the appropriateness of the information for your own situation or if you have any questions regarding a medical or psychological condition.   


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